Jérôme Mahuet

Jérôme Mahuet

Web developer @ iconosquare

@phollow / [email protected]

Web & iPhone developer with a soft spot for good typography and responsive design

Web Developer
Backend and frontend developer, I’m coding most of the time with Python, Scala or PHP. React & SASS are tools I use a lot when it comes to frontend development.

Responsive Design is now mandatory and it’s not so hard with the right tools. The right way is to code mobile first. I also developed a couple of iPhone native app.

I’m always learning new stuff to stay up to date. I’m currently playing with Haskell & Clojure to learn functional programming and Go to build concurrent programs.


  •   HTML5 / CSS3 / JS
  •   Python / PHP
  •   Scala
  •   Objective-C / Clojure
  •   Haskell



This site was made on a Mac, designed in browser. Responsive theme by yours truly. Versioned with Git. It’s powered by Python and the Flask micro-framework. Edited with Vim. The source code is hosted on Github.


I also write often about developer topics on my personal web blog. Actually mostly about developer stuff… There is also some typographical goodness in it. The latest post is:
Building and installing Go code


When designing websites, you may not have the images you need at first. But you already know the sizes and inserting some placeholders can help you better seeing the layout. Don’t waste your time making dummy images for your mockup or wireframe. Fakeimg.pl is a little tool that generates images with an URL. Choose the size, the colors, even the text. It’s free and open-source.

My personal web blog.